9 Paint Colors That Help Reduce Depression and Anxiety 

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The psychology of colors can play a significant role in your everyday life; the design and décor of your home as well. Room colors are not only a reflection of your personality. They can make the room look bigger and can also have an impact on the energy levels, brain function, and moods of you and your family members.


Choosing the perfect room colors for your living space can be a lot easier than you think. The task is not challenging, but rather simple, especially when you have a basic understanding of the various colors and their effects. Blending the right colors together can give you an atmosphere in your home that is satisfying and pleasing to everyone.



Choosing the Right Room Colors When Decorating Your Home

When you set out to paint the rooms in your house and need to choose the best room colors, you should begin by determining what type of mood or setting you are looking to create. Then, take the time to find the color that matches your every decision.


Remember, when painting your rooms, or if you’re hiring a professional interior painter, you want to avoid a hectic look and create a relaxing atmosphere, so be sure to limit the number of colors you use in any one specific room.

In today’s fast-paced world, stress can easily creep up on every one of us. Stress has a very negative effect on people and should be managed properly. A common way to help keep stress levels down and under control is by choosing the most calming colors for your home, especially the rooms you frequent. 


What most people are unaware of is that the right colors can help reduce anxiety and depression. Let’s take a look at those colors that help to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.    

Colors that Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression

The psychology of colors confirms that colors can have a definite effect on people’s moods and feelings.  There are a lot of calming colors that can help to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. 


1. White 

White is truly a timeless classic that sets forth feelings of warmth and presents with calming effects that lower stress and anxiety levels; probably because the color reminds us of the color of clouds. Now, what could be more relaxing than clouds?

2. Blue

Though blue is a very basic and indeed a classic color, it is also a color that is very soothing to the mind and helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. When people are stressed out the most, many will have the desire to look at the ocean or even the blue sky to overcome their stress. 

3. Purple

Soft purple or lilac colors can offer peace and balance. They are quite serene, which means they can be attributed to lowering stress and anxiety levels. It has a very calming effect on people’s moods, especially its soft pastel shades. 

4. Green

Green is definitely a very comforting and restful color. It is often associated with nature and things growing, which also is incredibly comforting. Many people who feel like they are one with nature seek to relax by going to parks, wooded areas, and hiking trails, all of which are mostly green-dominated. 

Since the color itself and surroundings draped in green are comforting at best, they can be attributed to helping to reduce stress levels and even help to minimize anxiety.

5. Yellow

A soft pastel yellow can make you feel as though you are basking in the warm sunshine. It is a color that helps alleviate stress levels.

6. Orange

This is the perfect color to promote activity and excitement, which is a surefire remedy for reducing apathy and depression. It tends to increase enthusiasm as well, which is why it can help remove feelings of self-pity. 

7. Tan

This color is very neutral and natural and because of its calming essence can help to reduce anxiety and stress levels and even make you feel as though you are surrounded by warm, flickering candles. Earth tones make people relax as they’re easy on the eyesight.

8. Gray

Although gray can be a somewhat bland color, believe it or not, its perfect essence is quite calming and has a wonderful way of removing stressful thoughts and feelings. This is also considered an earth color and can relax you way more than you think.

9. Red

A very powerful color, red can easily raise energy levels and stimulate moods. Because of its power, it can help combat depression by creating positive thoughts and feelings. As it’s a very strong color, it can sometimes make people feel more aggressive than usual. 


There You Have It

Now you have the insight you need on which room colors can help to reduce stress levels, anxiety, and even depression. After learning about these hues, you can now choose the ideal room colors that you can choose for the rooms in your house.  


Here at Custom Colonial Painting, we are pleased to offer this helpful info and want to remind you that when you are ready to choose the perfect selection of calming colors to make positive, healthy changes in your family’s life, you can put your trust into the hands of our dedicated painting professionals. Visit our website and get a free estimate from us.

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