Connecticut House painting in 2021

House painting in Connecticut in 2021

Well as we approach the Spring painting season for 2021 we cant help but look back over the past year. After March, and the onset of the pandemic, work initially slowed but as summer progressed the exterior painting rebounded along with a lot of home office and interior painting. The real estate market in Connecticut took off as people moved out of New York but still wanted to be able to commute to the city and that saw a big uptick in house sales.

One of the best times to paint a house is right before you sell it and also right after you buy it. Many people know that painting a house exterior is the way to add instant curb appeal and a great way to get top dollar for a home. It’s one of the few things you can do that is a virtual lock to pay for itself at the time of sale.

The other benefit is that it removes one more thing to do from the new homeowner’s list. The same is true for interior painting. If you want your house to show at its best it’s always a good idea to repaint the interior. You will be fixing and covering scuff marks, kids crayon marks, your teenager’s purple walls and other signs that you put a personal stamp on your interior. Simply repainting the ceilings white will may the whole house brighter than any current white that has dulled over time from air quality issues like cooking fumes etc.

With more people spending more time at home and really looking at their four walls, both inside and out, the uptick in estimate requests was to be expected. While many businesses have suffered due to the pandemic most residential trades have done the same or better.

At Custom Colonial we have expanded and trained and added additional painting pros to our roster to keep up with this demand. The one thing we haven’t done is sacrifice the quality of our work. We do rely heavily on referrals and after painting for over 20 years we also rely on getting a call back from previous customers. This means our reputation is on the line with each job and we so we necessarily take our work seriously.

The season brings with it a number of hot trend indicators to the area. More people are painting over Vinyl siding and brick now that the specialized paints to perform this work are better than ever, and more people are having their kitchen cabinets and wood grain panelling painted as “the wood grain look” falls out of style.

As spring unfolds in Connecticut we are now advertising on TV for the first time, Here is a look at our most current house painting commercial….

We hope you enjoyed watching that as much as we enjoyed making it! As always, because we paint state-wide, if you need interior or exterior house painting, let us provide you with an estimatea contactless one if you like –  and tell you about ourselves and what we can do for your home so you can make the best decision possible.